Controlling the film’s artistic and dramatic aspects with guidance and vision

VFX Supervision

Achieving the creative aims of the director through a myriad of visual effects and CG techniques

CG Supervision

Design and implementation of the technical and artistic pipeline of a production

Look Development

Working closely with the Directors, VFX Supervisors and Art Director to guide the development of final looks in the film


A multiple Award Winning independent short film produced with a remote crew of over 60 artists, contributing from 15 countries around the world.

Ari Rubenstein
Director, VFX Supervisor, Producer

An old gnarled crab tells his story of loss and sorrow, hoping to save a couple young crabs from the life of blues he’s led

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My second independently produced short film, currently in production

Ari Rubenstein
Director, VFX Supervisor, Producer

Feeling trapped and restless, a Manhattan professional dreams of escaping the urban rat race

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