Since the early 1990’s, Ari has been immersed in the arts and technology of CGI (computer graphic imaging). His passion eventually narrowed to focus on visual effects (VFX) for feature films.

In 1997, Ari joined Xaos Inc., in San Francisco, an early pioneer of visual effects technology which became an inspiration for the burgeoning industry of the day.

In January 1998, he founded Curv Studios, a VFX production company in Marin County, directly north of San Francisco. Under his creative supervision, Curv initially developed 3D animated communications tools for Silicon Valley tech companies. Continuing in this vein, Curv produced 3D animation and 2D compositing for game cinematic, television documentaries, IMAX and feature films.

In 2003 Ari joined Tippett Studios in Berkeley, CA, to work on The Matrix trilogy. While at Tippett he worked on a variety of high-profile feature films such as Charlottes Web, Constantine, and Hellboy among others. At Tippett Ari was fortunate to learn directly from vfx and animation pioneer Phil Tippett and his partner Craig Hayes, both academy award winning craftsman. Tippett Studio’s crew comprised some of the most seasoned and seminal craftsman in the industry.

In late 2005 Ari joined Blue Sky Studios in New York to work on animated feature films for 20th Century FOX. Blue Sky had been an early pioneer in computer graphics, primarily notable for the invention of raytrace rendering technology which is now ubiquitous throughout the global vfx and animation industries. During his time at Blue Sky Ari contributed to a variety of creative techniques and technologies which have advanced the aesthetic quality of Blue Sky’s films over the years.

Beginning in October 2018 Ari wrote, directed and produced the multi-award winning 3D animated short film “The Blues Crab”. For the film he developed a remote-based VFX & Animation pipeline, subsequently managing and supervising a crew of over 60 artists spread across 15 different countries for 2 years. In addition to the creative goals for this film was the goal of exploring how a global community of artists could effectively collaborate remotely. Ari partnered with several software developers and a cloud rendering service vendor to produce this not-for-profit film. The Blues Crab screened at more than 80 film festivals globally in 2019, winning top honors at 15 of them (and only half way through its tour as of this writing !)

The Blues Crab Poster