From spring of 2016 until the film’s premiere in Autumn 2018 I was charged with providing all sound and music for The Blues Crab. I worked very closely with director Ari Rubenstein to craft the sound to his vision from my studio ‘Dustless Digital’ in Cambridge, England with the help of two talented musicians, Chris Hooks (guitarist & composer) and Thomas Lydon (composer).

Both Ari and I share a great love for the music of Muscle Shoals, Alabama and the music produced therein by the legendary Rick Hall. This mutual respect for such an influential genre helped forge my working relationship with Ari from the very first conversations that we held.

As a Music Producer I knew I had to really study the essence of the Blues (that is to say where poverty and adversity gave birth to such powerful melodies and rhythms) in order to be able to bring all the right
musical and emotional triggers into the soundtrack with fresh inventiveness. Standing alongside this musical element was the sound design of the story’s setting. Audibly recreating the location, Chesapeake Bay Maryland, and executing an underwater world with accuracy and subtlety would complete the professional challenge that lay ahead. Being privy to the film’s story from the very first pencil sketch gave me an insight rarely afforded to those in my industry but of such creative value that it naturally gave birth to inspiration.

The Blues Crab tells the story of passing on what you have learned in order to help others. The very nature of this film’s conception and production echoes this point.

Working along side the film’s director and creator Ari Rubenstein, has allowed me a privileged insight to this man’s life and career. One packed with the work ethic of a Shire Horse, the grit and determination of the proverbial underdog in a boxing ring and the artistic and technical talent of only a handful of professionals at the top of the game in today’s cacophonous film industry.

Many journeys are begun but few are finished and even fewer are finished with a hunger to carry on. The Blues Crab was completed by a worldwide team that epitomize zeal and dedication and continues to
enjoy an exciting Film Festival tour, during which it is being received with great delight and humbling accolade.

When looking back at the entire production subjectively, from the outset the instruction was clear, the organization was held under tight reigns and the drive to succeed was unwavering. This, in my opinion, is how projects are completed and artistic dreams are realized.


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