Curv Productions

There are stories I want to tell and ideas I need to express, and Curv is the symbol and moniker which I produce these original creative works under.

Throughout my career in VFX and Animation I’ve always looked for ways to create opportunities so I don’t get rutted, physically, financially or spiritually. This translates into personal projects outside of my day job, but ones which fit a few criteria always; those being that it is something I find creatively and intellectually substantial, that I learn new and valuable techniques and that it in some way holds the potential to further my career. I think it is very much these side projects more so than my day jobs which has contributed to my development as an artist.

Fortunately there are many artists who approach their craft in a similar fashion, with a love for the journey as much as the destination. Those who are continually inspired and engaged by exploring and evolving the art and technology employed in storytelling. And they are the kindred spirits that make up the crew of Curv Productions.

Ari Rubenstein